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Produkter og tjenester

Denne illustrasjonen viser noen av de områdene som Aquadyne supplerer utstyr for.
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1.  Pipe or Cable Tracker                                                  

These systems can be fitted to remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and, when interfaced with suitable

navigation packages, provide the precise location and depth of burial for pipes and cables, or pipeline

out of straightness information. Target scaling services are also available. Link to Pipe Tracker. Link to

Cable Tracker.

2.  Underwater Positioning

If you are navigating a diver in shallow water or positioning an ROV carrying out a Pipeline Inspection,

we can supply acoustic navigation and underwater positioning systems which provide the highest

accuracy and lowest risk for all tasks. Link to options.


3.  Parametric Echo Sounder     

The use of parametric acoustics stands for excellent resolutions even at low frequencies between 4 kHz

and 15 kHz. Because of a very mobile system, which we can supply, you can also achieve good results

in shallow waters, complicated areas and at the open sea. The system has a very small beamwidth of

+/-1.8 degrees and the sound beam has no sidelobes in its directivity. Furthermore, due to the high

frequency you can determine the water depths with high accuracy. So you get a tool for exact depth

measurements and high penetration capabilities with good resolutions at the same time. Link to options.


4.  Multibeam Echo Sounder

High-resolution SeaBat multibeam sonars include echo sounding bathymetry models for seafloor

mapping, and forward looking sonar systems for seabed imaging. SeaBats are recognized for their

capability to perform reliably - even in the most demanding marine environment. SeaBats are being

used extensively for sub-sea inspection, hydrographic and bathymetric surveys, underwater positioning,

dredging, cable-laying, pipe-line inspection, and numerous other marine applications. Link to options.

5.  Transponders      

If you are positioning multiple subsea targets and structures with highest possible level of accuracy

we can supply systems which can be configured to support simple tracking tasks through to complex,

deepwater construction projects with multiple surface vessels and subsea vehicles working in close

proximity to each other. Link to options.


User-friendly systems providing accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data,

representing the latest in state-of-the-art inertial/GPS technology. Please contact Aquadyne for more







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